China is on the move! Apart from being an economic superpower with increasing influence over the world, the Middle Kingdom also boasts an ancient civilization, ethnic diversity and a rich philosophical heritage. This filtered selection of information guides you through the essence of China and offers practical tools for exploring this vast country.

Temple of Heaven

Did you know...

…that you need to memorize at least 2000 Chinese characters to read a Chinese newspaper?

…that the Chinese invented gunpowder, which they used for fireworks to ward off evil spirits?

…that China is expected to be the second biggest nation of millionaires in the world in 2020?

…that the Great Wall of China is known as China’s biggest cemetary? From 221 BC this landmark was built by forced labourers under harsh circumstances. Over the course of history, the Great Wall has been rebuild and extended.

…that 54 ethnic minorities live in China?

…that the Chinese might have discovered the New World in 1421, long before Columbus did?

…that a fake Iphone 5 was already on sale in China in 2011, long before Apple developed and launched the original product?

…that China’s one-child policy has been changed? Two adults coming from a one-child family can have two children now, and people in the countryside can have another baby if their first born is a girl.

Forbidden City

Chinese inventions

Compass, printing, papermaking, gunpowder, silk, mechanical clock, tea production, porcelain, martial arts, taoism, confucianism, zen buddhism

Typical Chinese...

Panda bears, red lanterns, mahjong, chopsticks, one-child policy, tea, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Chinese zodiac

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